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7 Oct 2018
Through its analysis, Development, and preparation work, OE is following technologies to enhance grid dependableness, efficiency, flexibility, practicality, and security; and creating investments and sponsoring demonstrations aimed toward conveyance new and innovative technologies to maturity and serving to them transition to promote. it's essential that key stakeholders – as well as Federal and government agencies, wattage corporations, instrumentality makers, systems developers, and customers – work along toward a shared vision of the long run, with full understanding of 1 another’s roles and responsibilities. because the primary workplace within the central with billet responsibilities for electricity delivery, OE provides the leadership and continuity to align these resources, support analysis and development of recent technologies and place them on a path to commercialisation.

Within following decade, proactive, coordinated, and innovative steps area unit required to handle four vital challenges:

Changes in demand driven by increment, adoption of a lot of energy economical technologies, dynamic economic conditions, and broader electrification, as well as attainable mass-markets for electrical vehicles.
Changes within the offer combine (such as renewables, energy, fossil fuel, and coal) and site (centralized, distributed, and off-shore) of the Nation’s generation portfolio driven by technology, market, and policy developments.

Increasing variability and uncertainty from each offer and demand, as well as integration of variable renewables, a lot of active client participation, and accommodating new technologies and techniques.
Increasing challenges to the dependableness and security of the electrical infrastructure (such as a lot of frequent and intense extreme weather events, cyber and physical attacks, and interdependencies with fossil fuel and water).

Due to the vital role the electrical grid plays in with success implementing AN energy strategy across Federal, state, and native jurisdictions, OE programs area unit operating in AN integrated manner, in partnership with business and different stakeholders similarly as different DOE offices, to boost key characteristics of the U.S. electrical transmission and distribution systems:

Reliability—consistent and dependable delivery of top quality power.
Flexibility—the ability to accommodate dynamic offer and demand patterns and new technologies.
Efficiency—low losses in electricity delivery and a lot of optimum use of system assets.
Resiliency—the ability to resist and quickly live through disruptions and maintain vital perform.
Affordability—more optimum preparation of assets to satisfy system wants and minimize prices.
Security—the ability to guard system assets and demanding functions from unauthorized and undesirable actors.


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